2022 Life Planner for Canva // TERRA

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Hey there, friend! This listing is for the editable 2022 life planner template for Canva! The design comes in shades of green and terracotta, but you can change everything in these templates from fonts, colors, elements, shapes, layouts, and more to suit your own style and personality! All you need is a free Canva account!

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This is it! The ULTIMATE 2022 Life Planner templates for Canva! With over 150 sheets to edit, build your own life planner binder. Use these as your planner binder template to create something special for yourself, or a friend! Simply edit this template with the free version of Canva - you can change the entire design, including fonts, colors, elements, and much more! A free Canva guide for beginners is included in your purchase of this listing.

What is included:

• 151 templates to edit in Canva
• Design/Color Palette: Bright
• Sizes: A4 + US letter

Note: Because the 2022 Life Planner contains 151 sheets in total, I have divided the designs into sections so that Canva can load the templates faster - this is also great if you don't want to edit the whole planner and only want to use what you need.

The templates include the following:

• Annual overview sheets
• Monthly overview
• Monthly planner
• 2-month, 3-month, 4-month planners
• Monthly to-do list
• Weekly planner sheets + checklist
• Daily planner sheets + docket sheet
• Blank to-do list + checklist sheets
• Brainstorm sheet
• Important Dates
• Schedule sheets

• Favorite quotes
• Books to read
• Movies to watch
• Series tracker
• Favorite restaurants
• Bucket list
• Places to travel + packing list
• Bored list
• Shopping lists
• Gift planner
• No-spend activities
• Hobby, projects planner sheets
• Meal planner + recipe sheets
• Master cleaning list
• Declutter + purge lists
• Online shopping list + tracker
• Outfit planner

• Habit trackers (various)
• Mood tracker
• Sleep tracker
• Online course tracker
• Exercise planner
• Password keeper
• Contacts
• Appointments
• Daily routine planner
• Self-care sheets
• Goal planners + trackers
• 30-day, 90-day, 180-day challenge
• Wishlist
• Level 10 life
• 1 year, 5 year, 10 year plans
• Priorities + matrix sheets
• Mindset sheet
• Personal inventory
• Vision, gratitude, affirmations sheets
• Resolutions
• Ideas

• Bill tracker
• Budget overview + expenses
• Budget sheets (various)
• Financial goals + sinking funds
• Savings trackers

• Birthdays (12)
• 2022 dated calendars - landscape (Monday + Sunday start) (13)
• 2022 dated calendars - portrait (Monday + Sunday start) (31)

Please take note: These are not fillable PDF files/templates (i.e. you cannot type directly into the boxes). They are meant to be changed the way you like, with a free Canva account, and printed out to be filled in by hand. If you wish to type directly into the template, you'll need to manually add text boxes (instructions provided in the help guide pdf).

🤩 FREE BONUS: 10 x free sheets to play around with - sign up via email! (A link to sign up is provided in the 'BONUS' PDF upon your purchase

♥ What is Canva? ♥

Free online design software to create anything you want to! The free version is quite powerful, but there is also a Canva Pro version to unlock even more goodies.


  • You will need a Canva account to edit these templates. Don't worry, it's free! Sign up at canva.com.
  • Use a desktop to edit these templates in Canva (though they have an App, it is quite limiting)
  • These templates are not allowed to be resold as is, which means that you will need to change them up and download them as a final PDF, PNG, or JPEG. You are allowed to sell the PDF once you have changed the templates to make it your own! You can also download them for personal use.
  • You will receive a help guide with your purchase, in case you are new to Canva :)

1. After purchasing you will be able to download the PDFs (one will contain the link to the template/s, the other one is the Help Guide) — you will also get a download link via email.
2. Open the link in the PDF to go to Canva.com, where you can start editing right away :)
3. See the Help Guide PDF in case you're new to Canva — I have added some easy steps with images!



1. Can I give away/use it as a lead magnet/sell the planners?
Yes, but only in a finalized version such as PDF, PNG, or JPG, and after making changes to the design - you may NOT share the Canva link with anyone.

2. Am I allowed to sell these templates as is, without changing the design?
No. If you want to sell these planners, you'll need to make major changes to the design. This can include but is not limited to font changes, colors, elements, styles, layouts, including some sheets of your own, replacing some sheets with others you have designed/bought, etc. Take note that the design cannot be copyrighted by you, even after making major changes, as the original design is still my own and is used as a tool to create sellable planners.

3. Am I allowed to sell the Canva link to the template, so that others can edit it?
No, because it is copyrighted and the original design of the templates and their layouts are entirely my own.

4. Do you provide refunds or exchanges?
Because of the nature of these digital products, they cannot be refunded or exchanged after purchase. Please read the description, view the images, and/or contact me via my shop, website, or Etsy if you have questions, before making a purchase you are unsure of.


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151 templates to edit in Canva + a free Help Guide PDF (for beginner Canva users)

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2022 Life Planner for Canva // TERRA

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